Cullerton – Mustang Summer


Cullerton P51 Mustang – Mustang Summer

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Original was oil on Canvas board, approx 90 hours work. P51 Mustang “Miss Steve” flown by Bill Cullerton. This was my second commission and now hangs in the American War Cemetery in East Anglia.

Bill became an ace and was based at Steeple Morden in Cambridgeshire, England. In Bill’s book, he describes in detail the moment he was shot down, shot by an SS officer at point blank range and left for dead. He regained consciousness hours later and was eventually rescued by locals who took him a nearby hospital (German occupied of course) from where he later escaped and returned to England.

The sight of the tower was a Life saving beacon for Cullerton, for when he saw the tower of the church in the distance he knew he was almost home . The feeling of surviving another mission and coming back home was overwhelming.

On the Launch day of the painting I was invited to the Church where the painting would be shown to Bill for the first time. It was strange to think that I was sat there in the church with Bill, the painting which depicted the church and the plane, his wife (after which the plane was named) and ground crew who were also stationed at Steeple morden.

Only a handful of people were in that church, local TV had also attended to capture the event. Bill retold the his war time stories in front of everyone , the occasion was a very moving and sincere affair, of which I was most grateful to be part of.

Thanks must got to my family for their support during painting this piece.